Iguassu Ice

NEW! Water + Ice with Iguassu

Super Iguassu Ice

Get it all with the Super Iguassu system.This point-of-use system delivers crystal clear ice from pure water. Combining technology, design and convenience, you get water purification and ice-making capability from a single source.Reverse Osmosis technology provides great tasting, pure water, so you also get great tasting beverages and ice. Eliminate worries about unfiltered water and complaints about smelly ice.With three capacity sizes, Super Iguassu Ice meets every office need and environment.Additional Features:

  • Hot Water/Ice Locking function with touch sensor
  • Single spout delivery of cold, hot or ambient water
  • Single-touch continuous dispensing
  • High-tech design
  • Automatically converts to cold water mode when in queue
  • Large (Iguassu 900), medium (Iguassu 700) and small capacity (Iguassu 500) available

The Super Iguassu Ice units come in three sizes.  To help determine which system best suits your application, Contact us for more information about the Super Iguassu Ice POU water cooler with built-in ice maker.

The Super Iguassu Ice meets a variety of standards set by industry wide recognized certification groups.  Learn about the certifications met by the Super Iguassu Ice here.

WL Innowave Certification Logos 2011


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