Firewall is the most comprehensive UV purification system for Point-of-use water treatment system ever developed.

Firewall treats the out-flowing water, and the dispensing nozzle, which acts as a “firewall barrier” to microorganisms that may enter the system from the outside. The unique and patented design of the firewall gives peace of mind to all. There are no risks of back contamination as the dispense nozzle is self-sanitizing.

The Firewall delivers the highest level of purity ever seen in drinking water, and is designed to certifiably meet and exceed the requirements of NSF/ANSI-55 Class A UV Technology standards.

The Firewall UV system not only destroys waterborne bacteria and viruses, but is also designed to prevent airborne bacteria and viruses affecting the nozzle, which may also infect the drinking water as it is dispensed. The key difference from past technologies is that the UV is placed right at the point where water is dispensed, and the unique patented design allows for higher UV exposure of the water and dispensing area. This process results in perfectly purified water falling into your glass, regardless of whether it’s Hot, Cold or Sparkling.

Unlimited fresh, cold, crystal-clear water at the touch of a button. Unlike bottled water coolers, innowave’s FireWall™ treats and purifies water at the point of use, when it’s needed. You get cold, refreshing and pure water every time. This bottle-less water cooler uses a three-stage filtration process. First, a sediment filter traps solid particle matter. Next a 1-micron carbon block filter reduces contaminants as small as a single micron. (There are over 600 microns in the period at the end of this sentence.) Finally, a granular activated carbon filter reduces chlorine and improves taste.


Firewall Treats Dispensed Water with UV

Easy to Maintain The FireWall™ automatically refills, so you get an endless supply of pure water. You can eliminate the hassle of lifting, storing and replacing water bottles. Additional Features:

  • One-button touch dispense
  • Unlimited Cold and Hot dispense
  • Automatic reversion to cold dispense for safety
  • BioCote microbial protection on external surfaces
  • Filters & UV preventative maintenance by AquaPrix
  • Emergency service, parts and labor included

FireWall™ Specifications:

  • Width: 13.5 in.
  • Depth: 16 in.
  • Height: 40.5 in.
  • Water Connection: ¼” tubing
  • Weight: 58 lbs. (dry)
innowave FireWall™ Purity Certifications:

* In considering POU water systems for your employees – Ask for system certifications:

And be sure to ask:

Does the machine filter AND purify the water?

UV purification is a “hallmark” of the Innowave/Waterlogic approach and is present in most machines. Once the filters have removed the chlorine from water, UV is essential to stop bacteria growth.

Firewall machines also prevent bacteria infecting the dispense nozzle.

What additional hygiene measures are on the machine?

As an additional defense mechanism, our dispensers incorporate BioCote.


The FireWall™ is also available as a counter-top model to meet every space requirement.


 FireWall UV Protection at Point of Dispense

Contact us for more information about the FireWall™ POU Water Treatment System.

The  FireWall meets a variety of standards set by industry wide recognized certification groups.  Learn about the certifications met by the FireWall here.

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