WL500 with Sparkling Water Option

Sleek and attractive, user friendly and cost efficient. Plus now you can add effervescent and refreshing sparkling water!



WL500 combines both micron and carbon filtration with ultraviolet light to produce pure drinking water at the touch of a button. By treating incoming tap water at the point-of-use with three-stage purification, you eliminate the hassle of bottles and reduce water-borne bacteria and viruses.

The WL500 reduces the potential for incoming micro-organisms and maintains the quality of stored drinking water with an in-tank UV light, preventing the growth of bacteria that leads to biofilm – the slimy Innowave uvf3coating that occurs in untreated stored water. The Automatic Purification Monitoring System prevents dispensing if UV light is not activated.


Cost Efficient and User Friendly

The “sleep mode” feature optimizes power usage by hibernating during low-use periods like overnights and weekends, and preventive maintenance is quick and easy. The programmable LCD read-out can be set in three different languages (English, Spanish and French), and water is immediately available as cold, sparkling, hot or extra hot. (Hot and extra hot have a 2-button safety feature.) Available as a tower or table-top unit to fit your space requirements.

Sparkling Water Option

WL500 now lets you add sparkling water at the touch of a button. With this versatile unit, you can expand the pure water options your employees can enjoy – ice cold, hot or sparkling on demand.

Additional Features:

  • Spring-loaded cup dispenser
  • Built-in cabinet for extra storage
  • Automatic refilling for unlimited drinking water
  • Drip tray to prevent spills
  • Adjustable water temperatures
  • Carbonation option

Innowave uvf3 cabinet storage.

WL500 Specifications:

  • Width: 17 in.
  • Depth: 18 in.
  • Height: 49.25 in. (with base); 17.5 in. (without base)
  • Water Connection: ¼” tubing
  • Weight: 102 lbs. (dry)
WL500 Purity Certifications:


The WL500 meets a variety of standards set by industry wide recognized certification groups.  Learn about the certifications met by the WL500 here.

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WL Innowave Certification Logos 2011

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