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Banana Peels Purify Water

According to a study in the American Chemical Society’s journal, minced banana peels can very effectively remove heavy metals, like lead and copper, from water. If this proves out, banana peels could provide a cheap, sustainable solution for purification of … Continue reading

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Mayor Hides Contaminated Water Source for Over Twenty Years!

From 1985 to 2007, the village of Crestwood Illinois used a well known to be contaminated with vinyl chloride for up to 20% of its water supply while telling residents that the supply came from Lake Michigan.  Vinyl Chloride is … Continue reading

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Super Slow-Mo water drop video

This is a very cool video showing a water drop bounce off of the surface of water like it’s on a trampoline.   Water Drop video

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Sustainable water supply coming online in Colorado

  Here is an innovative solution in Colorado using recaptured river water, natural filtration, and some high tech solutions to help protect against drought. CO: Aurora Water’s Sustainable Water Supply System Complete Aurora, CO – The city … Continue reading

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Drink Water to Lose Weight

Okay, so that’s not a huge shocker of a headline to most of us, but here’s a pretty easy tip to lose a few pounds based on new Virginia Tech research.  Drinking a half liter (16.9 fl ounces) of water … Continue reading

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Organic Store Stops Selling Bottled Water

  I like this, and not just because they are using a Point of Use Cooler, like our TM1R… D.C. grocer bans water bottles   MOM’s Organic Market is getting in on D.C.’s anti-plastic push with a decision … Continue reading

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CDC Reports Nitrate Contamination in California

Based on 15 years of data, a new report shows that over 2 million Californians have had harmful levels of nitrates in their water.  Nitrate sources include fertilizer, animal manure, and wastewater treatment.  According to the report, Nitrates are linked … Continue reading

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Water Softener Study – Energy Savings for Soft Water

The Battelle Study, initiated by the Water Quality Research Foundation, found that water softeners save a good deal of energy and money.  In fact, softeners were found to be one of “the best” energy savers available to households, especially with … Continue reading

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State Bottled Water Spending Investigated

Corporate Accountability International, a nonprofit group, reported the bottled water spending of 5 states – Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon.  Spending ranged from $78,000 to $475,000.  Citing the irony of the government itself choosing bottled water over tap … Continue reading

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Legal But Unhealthy Water

The New York Times is taking a deep look at tap water through a series of articles examining various aspects of tap water, pollution, and related issues.  The following article looks at the 35 year old Safe Drinking Water Act, … Continue reading

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